Antonio Fernández Ríos​/​No Control

by Antonio Fernández Ríos

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No Control it´s a song that i create for a 80´s for a free recompilation album that i was invited for, but also i am using this song for charity, for every euro of this song goes for "UNRWA Spain" (ONG) to try to help the humanitarians problems on Syria and Gaza. ! So come and help too !!! (20/08/2014)


Yes, OMG Dj
put the turntables to spin
no mp3 it´s a sin
whit the C L O C K
don´t you ever take a look of that again
no when you are listen to me
no when you are listen to me

Try to catch this tempo
you probably know this sample
i am the jamaican and caribbean example
and you are probably smoking a big splif
you have to smoke it whit me !!!

Roots, Rock, Reggae Raggamuffin !!!
i got chips, tabacco and redbull
to get my inspiration 1,2,2,4
turn on the machines, call the captain for the plane
let´s go for my island for more champagne
what are you gonna do whit the lady
what are you gonna do when your brain get insane
don´t worry about that
Shut up....... Let´s go to Morroco
am loving this place am saying
probably you are my stereo doncella
waiter please bring 2 shots
let´s celebrated am not delayed

You need to dream almost every day
thanks the lord that your really not alone

Roots, Rock, Reggae Raggamuffin
i got gin, you just come bring the tonic
original supersonic, i don´t really meant to be ironic
Boss dj whit the 45 speed, whit the 7 and 12" vinyl of love
everybody fell love !!!

You need to dream almost every day
pray the universe that your are living here again
you need to believed that nobody can´t stop
your existence right here is the one who counts

Yes and everybody existences count too
because we all´broders from the same universe
at least from the same planet

Roots, Rock, Reggae R A G G A M U F F I N
i can´t stop laughing
i am the romantic the slayer
let´s keep the travel you need to go please
i always make the bombs cause i do have the taste
i don´t know what is tha people called stress
you need to know that word is bad
let´s get together and fell alright

You need to go !!!!!

Real Released 20/08/2014


released February 6, 2013
Sample, vocals and lyrics, scratch, beat and produce by Antonio Fernández Ríos




Antonio Fernández Ríos El Prat De Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain

Is a a Bass player, musician and producer from Caracas, based in Barcelona, and this is his first solo album proyect "Mousike" I´ts anounce that around october this year, he´s taking the second out, called "Sagitarius" Stay tune for more Antonio "outer space" music. Salud !!! and colored LP´S ... more

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